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This is a blog for my son. He has a rare auto immune disease that causes his body to attack food like it would a virus making it impossible for him to eat most any foods with out getting very very sick. This is a record of our ups and downs, doctor visits and procedures. Our trial and error life of finding out what foods are safe for our son to eat and eliminating the ones that are not from his life.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Dumdum Suckers

Dumdum suckers are considered a food group for EoE kids. For a lot of these kids the suckers are the only safe way they will ever experience some flavors. This is John's first time tasting Blueberries :)
I think he likes it!! 

and I may or may not have given him this blue sucker two hours before our scheduled appointment for family portraits.... >.< It was worth it.

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